Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Pfaff

For a while nowI've been sewing with a Babylock Crafter's Choice sewing machine, it does pretty good. I've had to take it in a few times, but not as many as I have had to with some machines. I especially like the automatic needle threader and not having to stick my fingers into the deep mechanical abyss to change the bobbin.

Well, it's broken now, and I've been using my Pfaff 230, featuring "Automatic Dial-a-Stitch". I am very thankful I have a manual for the Pfaff 230, there are definitely a lot of knobs on this one. Earlier this month I was planning on selling it, but now I think I am going to be selling the Babylock. The Pfaff will most likely be the one that will survive the nuclear blast...

My Etsy views are down like everyone else's are. Way, way down. I used to have about 200-300 per day, but now it is at about 40 to 5o (If I am lucky). I caved in. Google, Etsy, you win. Here comes the AdWords campaign! Let's see how that goes.

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